Etsy Appreciation Month Starts TOMORROW!

I am very excited to introduce many great artists starting tomorrow! So far we have 27 GREAT GIVEAWAYS lined up for the month of June! So from me to you, Enjoy!

Updates, Updates & Updates.

I haven't updated about the family in quite sometime. I can honestly say I have been quite busy between getting ready for Etsy Appreciation Month & our super LA trip starting TOMORROW! Whoooohooo. 2 night, 3 day vacation away from San Diego and babies and work and computers. I mean, I love all of the above, but it's nice to have time away, plus with the boys work schedule, trying to find time together is almost impossible. We did find time the other day to do a 5 mile hike together. We hiked 2 1/2 miles down a mountain to a beautiful waterfall, sat on the very top rock at the verrrry top of the waterfall and ate lunch together and laid in the sun. It was gorgeous and nerve-wrecking all at the same time (being afraid of heights and all). Then hiked 2 1/2 miles back up the mountain. It was an experience to say the least. If you ever have the chance to go out to Julian, CA don't forget to stop and get some apple pie. Delicious.

And being the FANTASTIC cook that I am ( thank god my boyfriend doesn't read my blog, or else i'd never live that comment down ) I decided to try and make rainbow cupcakes this afternoon. HA. More like marble cupcakes. This was the process..

MAAAAYYYBEE I shouldn't have used the muffin pan. Hmm. Either way, you can't exactly MESS up cupcakes. They are just tasty no matter what the outcome, and to be honest, the way my boyfriend eats I don't see them lasting past the drive to LA tonight. I talk a lot of crap about his eating habits, but really I am just jealous that he can eat 8,000 calories in day and not gain a pound. Literally, we went to the gym the other day and the trainer said that if he wanted to ever GAIN weight he would have to eat at least 8,000 calories a day. 8,000! Ridiculous.

Either way, I should get back to packing and put the little one down for her nap. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL evening and weekend!

Dr. Browns Bottle Giveaway!

If you are a follower you already know I have hosted a giveaway before for Dr. Browns Bottles! I am happy to announce we have another giveaway! This giveaway was generously given from the Dr. Brown Company themselves. I received a 3 Pack of tall 8oz BPA free bottles in the mail to review and I have to say, they are just as wonderful as the bottles we have been using all along. I love that Dr. Brown bottles no matter shape or size all give the same expected outcome.

Here is some information on Dr. Brown bottles ;

"Designed by a doctor in 1996 and patented in 1997, the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® baby bottle was the first baby bottle to feature an internal vent system that eliminated the vacuum, air bubbles and negative pressure associated with conventional bottle feeding. This unique design gave moms the only fully vented bottle option that replaced the vacuum commonly found in other bottles with positive-pressure, or Natural Flow, that actually mimics breastfeeding. To this day, we remain the only baby bottle that works in this way.
Since its introduction, the Dr. Brown’s bottle has received numerous design awards and acclaim from the medical community. In fact many of our bottles go to hospitals, NICUs, and doctor offices. Most important are the testimonials from moms and dads around the world, sharing with excitement the improved feeding habits of their babies.
In keeping with the standards of our baby bottle, every Dr. Brown’s product offers a unique design that yields a better functionality for mom and good health for baby. To maintain a brand that moms can rely on, we place a heavy focus on product research and development, making sure that each and every product achieves the best possible result. This means that we invest as much time as necessary to create quality feeding products with distinctive health-related benefits.'

We have used them since they were introduced to us from a family friend weeks after our daughter was born, and we haven't touched another bottle since that day. She has been happier, less gassy, and spits up considerable less than when we used other bottles. As I have said in my previous Dr. Brown Bottle Review & Giveaway, they work miracles and make life a little simpler, and if you are a stay at home mom you should know, anything to make the day a little less complicated is worth a shot.

***Buy it!***
To purchase your own Dr. Brown Bottle head over to their website and it will redirect you to the store nearest you carrying their product!

***Win it!!!***
This giveaway is for a 3-Pack of tall 8oz BPA free bottles, along with a 2-Pack of their 0-6 months Performance orthodontic pacifiers in purple and pink! Find more information on the pacifiers at Dr. Brown Perform Pacifiers.

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Etsy Appreciation Month Starts June 1st!

I am excited to announce Etsy Appreciation Month. I will be featuring Reviews & Giveaways, also many links to MANY great Etsy shops all throughout June from many talented and well deserving artists on

Etsy has been one of my favorite websites for a long long time now and I always see a lot of shops that don't get a lot, if any, traffic flow. So next month my blog belongs to the wonderful artists and mothers on Etsy!

I cannot wait for June 1st to roll around!

Until then, check out this amazing Etsy shop, Brianna Beans Boutique!

She has some of the cutest ballet baby booties I have ever seen! And not only that, but she is hosting a giveaway when she reaches 500 friends on her Facebook, another giveaway as well when she reaches 1000! Here is the giveaway!

500 Friends Giveaway : a $5.00 Credit to her Etsy shop @ Brianna Beans Boutique

1,000 Friend Giveaway : a $10.00 Credit to her shop AND a pair of baby booties of your choice!

So head on over and add her as a friend and win those adorable ballet baby booties!

Thanks everyone!

Butter Bell Review & Giveaway!

First off I just want to say that I am SUPER excited to host this giveaway. I have loved this thing for many years now, and I just cannot express how happy I am to share it with anyone and everyone.

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with kitchen products. Glassware, Dishes, Serving platters..etc. Even though I have never been the greatest cook. I even keep all my beans, rice, pasta, sugar, those see-through glass air sealed canisters just for the mere presentation. But when it comes to a Butter Bell, I am completely in love.

You know those times you make toast in the morning and end up breaking through the bread because the butter just doesn't seem to want to melt, or when you go to put butter on a cracker and it simply breaks the cracker in half? I hate those moments more than anything. Well, I went to visit my Aunt's house a couple years back and she had some weird contraption sitting at the dinner table. When I asked what it was she showed me it was a butter dish. Plain and simple, right? Wrong. This amazingness was a butter dish that kept butter soft, and fresh, and you didn't have to keep it in the refrigerator! It just sits on the table awaiting the moment you make that toast and want that cracker. You can even use it for cheese!

Honestly, I put butter on everything. I could live off butter and cheese toast. Not the healthiest of options, but delicious non the less.

This is how the Butter Bell works ; (stolen from the website)

The unique design keeps butter at the perfect "spreading" consistency by reflecting outside heat while insulating and cooling the butter. Flavor and freshness is protected by an airtight seal of water at the base of the crock.

Proper maintenance: Water should be changed out every three days. Replace existing water in the base with fresh, cold water. The crock should be stored away from heat or sunlight.

Holds up to one full stick (1/2 cup) of butter. Softened butter is packed firmly into the bell-shaped lid. Cold water is poured into the base of the crock. The lid is placed upside down back into the base of the crock. Soft, spreadable butter may be enjoyed and served right from the crock.

**Buy It!**
Head on over to Butter Bell Crock & check out all the items they have available!

**The Giveaway!**
One luck winner will get to choose between the Yellow Butter Bell or the Black Butter Bell, shown below!

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Please check out Dr. Brown's on Facebook

They will be hosting some exciting weekly giveaways and a Preemie Bottle donation program which started on Mothers Day!

Please take a look and see what you can do to help the cause and enter some giveaways while you are at it!

Congratulations! Target Gift Card Giveaway!


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I will e-mail you shortly to find out where to send you your prize! If you do not respond within 48 hours I will have to choose another winner via

Thank you to all who entered!

Two more giveaways will be posted shortly, so keep an eye out!

I started a new and exciting project!

I have been doing photography for a while now, but ever since the pregnancy and even after I have been slacking. I haven't picked up a camera and just shot anything and everything in a while. So I decided for some inspiration ( after watching Julie & Julia ) I would look to my bookshelf.

I own this book called "14,000 Things To Be Happy About" and throughout the years I have read pretty much all of it. But never thought twice about what I could do with it. Well, now I figured it out. I am going to take pictures of everything I possibly can on this list. I know a lot of it isn't possible, well, nothing is impossible, so let me rephrase. I know a lot of the stuff isn't realistic without a lot of traveling and a lot of cash. Neither of which I can do at the moment, being a mom and all. But the ones that I can do I plan on doing and so forth.

This list took the author 20 years to write and if I had calculated correctly, taking a photo a day would take me approximately 39 years to complete. So, taking away some of the list and, honestly, she does repeat herself a lot just phrased differently, I plan on getting most of it done within the next 3 years. But I want to post as much as humanly possible! I have a lot of photos from my past that will work perfectly for some and a lot of friends willing to help out and be my models for some new ones! I have never been more excited to start this project!

If you would like to follow it, I created a separate blog and eventually I plan to move it all to a website (that won't be anytime soon) then MAYBE get it published into a short photo book (that REALLY won't happen for a while). But for now you can start reading it HERE.

I hopefully will have another 10 or so photos posted by the end of the weekend!

Wish me luck! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far!

I won the Ultimate Mothers Day Giveaway!

I am excited to be choosen for the Grand Prize of the Ultimate Mothers Day Giveaway!

I just wanted to give a big thanks to Barb over @ for the amazing chance to win a great giveaway!

Head over and enter some recent giveaways of hers! And GOOD LUCK!

Happy Mothers Day to all!

Congratulations! Dr. Brown Baby Bottle Winner Announcement!

Congratulations ;

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