Etsy Appreciation Month Starts June 1st!

I am excited to announce Etsy Appreciation Month. I will be featuring Reviews & Giveaways, also many links to MANY great Etsy shops all throughout June from many talented and well deserving artists on

Etsy has been one of my favorite websites for a long long time now and I always see a lot of shops that don't get a lot, if any, traffic flow. So next month my blog belongs to the wonderful artists and mothers on Etsy!

I cannot wait for June 1st to roll around!

Until then, check out this amazing Etsy shop, Brianna Beans Boutique!

She has some of the cutest ballet baby booties I have ever seen! And not only that, but she is hosting a giveaway when she reaches 500 friends on her Facebook, another giveaway as well when she reaches 1000! Here is the giveaway!

500 Friends Giveaway : a $5.00 Credit to her Etsy shop @ Brianna Beans Boutique

1,000 Friend Giveaway : a $10.00 Credit to her shop AND a pair of baby booties of your choice!

So head on over and add her as a friend and win those adorable ballet baby booties!

Thanks everyone!


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