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Mountain Mama’s Kitchen Co. – Candles In A Can – 5 Winners (5/7)

Inside My Own Private Idaho - Rachael Ray Giveaway (4/29)

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Mommy of 1 and Counting - A Touch of Sunshine (5/8)

Angela's Bits - Silk Pure Almond (5/7)

Blissful Bee Boutique - Quilt Dailey (5/10)

Country Mouse, City Mouse - Bedtime for Mommy (5/18)

Fabulous Fun Finds - Zoo Shoo (5/4)

Katie Talks About... - Freschette Pizza (5/8)

Ladybut Mama of 2 - Right on the Walls (5/15)

Laughing Lindsay - Hapari Swimsuit (5/19)

Theta Mom - Scentsy (5/6)

Feisty Frugal & Fabulous - Feisty Mama Salsa ( 5/4 )

We Heart This - $76 in Smashbox Eye Shadows (5/4)

3 Kids and Us - Fruit20 Essentials Flavored Water (5/8)

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Lively Updates

So I have come to a conclusion. I really do not mind doing dishes, I will do them whenever need be, hand washing that is, but when it comes to left overs that have sat in a tupperware, or just a dish in general, I can't bring myself to do it. I was cleaning out the refrigerator today since we had just gone grocery shopping, ( We managed to get $180 worth of food for $100, because we are super shoppers. I was happy. ) and I noticed a considerable amount of left overs that had snuck their way behind anything and everything. Now, I don't remember the last time we had taco's, nor do I remember the last time we had chili. So that right there brings my stomach to a halt. If that even was chili or tacos...Hmm. Either way, I can't bring myself to do it. I am even surprised we HAVE left overs considering the amount of food my boyfriend consumes on a daily basis. One family meal made to serve 8 serves him and I. Mostly him, and yet he is the tallest skinniest thing in the world. I could only wish I had his metabolism. Hopefully our daughter does.

On a lighter note, I started my diet two days ago. It's a simple one, no carbs, simple foods. I had a delicious lunch of lemon-pepper tuna wrapped in lettuce & a tall glass of grapefruit juice. I always wonder why I never ate like this's yummy! Dinner tonight I am making the boy and the grandmother (visiting for two weeks from Chicago) tacos, and myself tilapia cooked to perfection in warm sweet tomato salsa! I also wonder why I never cooked this much before. The things motherhood does to you, I say.

That doesn't leave me much else to say today. I spent too much time in Target buying clothes for the little one, and a Bumbo, which I hear very good things about. Maybe I will even do a review once she uses it a bit more! Good day to all! Wish me luck on the diet....a few more days and I'll probably need it!

$10 Target Gift Card Giveaway!

Hello Everyone! I figured I would do a giveaway that everyone can enjoy, because honestly, who DOESN'T enjoy Target? I am pretty possitive 90% of Kannon's baby clothes have come from Target. And Archer Farms? Don't even get me started on delicious things.

So I hope all can enjoy this giveaway, and maybe I can increase my blog traffic while I am at it!

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My Daughter, Kannon.

As I have mentioned before, I have a four month old daughter named Kannon Elizabeth Bee. I just realized I have yet to post a picture of her. So here she is, in all her glory ;

She was born at 8lbs 5oz. She was about 22in long. ( Thanks to having two tall parents ). At four months she is already in size 3 diapers and wearing clothes for a 6-9 month old just so her legs have enough room to straighten out. Ridiculous. I am pretty sure she will be the tallest in her class.

She just took her first plane ride to and from Chicago to meet some of my dad's side of the family. All in all she did pretty well on the plane, she only cried when we had to land in Kansas City to pick up more people. The ear pressure was the big problem. The other passangers found her to be a hit though! She laughs up a storm when people talk to her. Here are some pictures from the trip ;

She is a ball of joy when it comes to children. I couldn't have asked for a better baby girl. Now just to convince daddy to have a second.... ;) dun dun dunnn.

Dr. Browns Baby Bottle Review & Giveaway!

This my very first review & giveaway all in one! I will have many more posted throughout the week to get this blog up and running! So hang in there.

My first baby, our daughter Kannon, was born on Dec 26th, 2009. After numerous attempts to breastfeed, I failed miserably. So I was forced to bottle feed. A good friend of our family turned us onto Dr. Browns Baby Bottles. Kannon was one of those children that would drink her milk as fast as possible and end up being miserable in the end. The Dr. Browns bottles were designed with a vent system that eliminated the vacuum, air bubbles and negative pressure associated with conventional bottle feeding, and to this day is the only bottle of it's kind.

After we started using them we noticed a considerable drop in air intake and spit up. The company also sells nipples to go along with the growth of your baby. We have so far used Level N Level 2. Mostly 2's for those super sleepy times to keep her awake to finish her bottles.

We ended up loving the bottles so much we bought about 10 more. They are easy to take apart and easy to assemble in even the most trying moments. After we noticed our daughter was eating more than the 4oz bottles allowed, we went out to find that they also sold bigger bottles in 8oz. What a delight.

I have to say the only down side we have had thus far is traveling with the 4oz bottles. If we plan a short trip and don't feel like bringing a jug of water we fill the bottles and carry the formula in a separate container, but the bottles always seem to slowly leak out the top, even with the cap on. So we have switch over to all 8oz bottles. They come with a flat circular lid that goes on top of the bottle before the nipple and lid. It has been our lifesaver for water on the go. Especially for those long road trips to see the family!

All in all, I have tried numerous bottles of every kind and I can say that if I am ever asked what saved me with my first child, it was Dr. Browns Baby Bottles. They work miracles and make life a little simpler, and if you are a stay at home mom you should know, anything to make the day a little less complicated is worth a shot.

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Let me say, Chicago is not any warmer than I had remembered. No wonder I don't live here anymore. 14 years was quite enough to get me through a lifetime. Basically, If I never had to see my breath outside again I would be one happy girl.

The baby doesn't seem to like the cold much either. She got wind burn on her face from a day out we had at Long Grove. She also has a dry little nose from being so stuffy. Poor girl. She seems happier now that it has settled down a bit. When we first got here I think she saw about 10 new faces within the first 48 hours. She pretty much couldn't handle it and went into a fit of over stimulation. It happens, I guess.

I am excited to see the family, but I will be more excited to be back in my warm apartment, in warm San Diego, with my warm boyfriend. Plus, I have to be back here in two months for one of my best friends baby showers! Yay, baby girls all around!

Well, I guess I should start making breakfast. I hope all is well for everyone! Send me some warmth, please!

My First Post!

Hey! I am super excited to be appart of this community. I am hoping to start updating soon. We leave for vacation tomorrow morning! Bee's first plane ride. I am sure I am more worried than should be. But I will update once I get there and HOPEFULLY I will start getting this blog rolling when I get back. I hope all is well for everyone!