I started a new and exciting project!

I have been doing photography for a while now, but ever since the pregnancy and even after I have been slacking. I haven't picked up a camera and just shot anything and everything in a while. So I decided for some inspiration ( after watching Julie & Julia ) I would look to my bookshelf.

I own this book called "14,000 Things To Be Happy About" and throughout the years I have read pretty much all of it. But never thought twice about what I could do with it. Well, now I figured it out. I am going to take pictures of everything I possibly can on this list. I know a lot of it isn't possible, well, nothing is impossible, so let me rephrase. I know a lot of the stuff isn't realistic without a lot of traveling and a lot of cash. Neither of which I can do at the moment, being a mom and all. But the ones that I can do I plan on doing and so forth.

This list took the author 20 years to write and if I had calculated correctly, taking a photo a day would take me approximately 39 years to complete. So, taking away some of the list and, honestly, she does repeat herself a lot just phrased differently, I plan on getting most of it done within the next 3 years. But I want to post as much as humanly possible! I have a lot of photos from my past that will work perfectly for some and a lot of friends willing to help out and be my models for some new ones! I have never been more excited to start this project!

If you would like to follow it, I created a separate blog and eventually I plan to move it all to a website (that won't be anytime soon) then MAYBE get it published into a short photo book (that REALLY won't happen for a while). But for now you can start reading it HERE.

I hopefully will have another 10 or so photos posted by the end of the weekend!

Wish me luck! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far!


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