My Daughter, Kannon.

As I have mentioned before, I have a four month old daughter named Kannon Elizabeth Bee. I just realized I have yet to post a picture of her. So here she is, in all her glory ;

She was born at 8lbs 5oz. She was about 22in long. ( Thanks to having two tall parents ). At four months she is already in size 3 diapers and wearing clothes for a 6-9 month old just so her legs have enough room to straighten out. Ridiculous. I am pretty sure she will be the tallest in her class.

She just took her first plane ride to and from Chicago to meet some of my dad's side of the family. All in all she did pretty well on the plane, she only cried when we had to land in Kansas City to pick up more people. The ear pressure was the big problem. The other passangers found her to be a hit though! She laughs up a storm when people talk to her. Here are some pictures from the trip ;

She is a ball of joy when it comes to children. I couldn't have asked for a better baby girl. Now just to convince daddy to have a second.... ;) dun dun dunnn.


bayctygrl said...

awww she is so cute! Congrats! What a nice size healthy baby! I love her name!

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