Let me say, Chicago is not any warmer than I had remembered. No wonder I don't live here anymore. 14 years was quite enough to get me through a lifetime. Basically, If I never had to see my breath outside again I would be one happy girl.

The baby doesn't seem to like the cold much either. She got wind burn on her face from a day out we had at Long Grove. She also has a dry little nose from being so stuffy. Poor girl. She seems happier now that it has settled down a bit. When we first got here I think she saw about 10 new faces within the first 48 hours. She pretty much couldn't handle it and went into a fit of over stimulation. It happens, I guess.

I am excited to see the family, but I will be more excited to be back in my warm apartment, in warm San Diego, with my warm boyfriend. Plus, I have to be back here in two months for one of my best friends baby showers! Yay, baby girls all around!

Well, I guess I should start making breakfast. I hope all is well for everyone! Send me some warmth, please!


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