Lively Updates

So I have come to a conclusion. I really do not mind doing dishes, I will do them whenever need be, hand washing that is, but when it comes to left overs that have sat in a tupperware, or just a dish in general, I can't bring myself to do it. I was cleaning out the refrigerator today since we had just gone grocery shopping, ( We managed to get $180 worth of food for $100, because we are super shoppers. I was happy. ) and I noticed a considerable amount of left overs that had snuck their way behind anything and everything. Now, I don't remember the last time we had taco's, nor do I remember the last time we had chili. So that right there brings my stomach to a halt. If that even was chili or tacos...Hmm. Either way, I can't bring myself to do it. I am even surprised we HAVE left overs considering the amount of food my boyfriend consumes on a daily basis. One family meal made to serve 8 serves him and I. Mostly him, and yet he is the tallest skinniest thing in the world. I could only wish I had his metabolism. Hopefully our daughter does.

On a lighter note, I started my diet two days ago. It's a simple one, no carbs, simple foods. I had a delicious lunch of lemon-pepper tuna wrapped in lettuce & a tall glass of grapefruit juice. I always wonder why I never ate like this's yummy! Dinner tonight I am making the boy and the grandmother (visiting for two weeks from Chicago) tacos, and myself tilapia cooked to perfection in warm sweet tomato salsa! I also wonder why I never cooked this much before. The things motherhood does to you, I say.

That doesn't leave me much else to say today. I spent too much time in Target buying clothes for the little one, and a Bumbo, which I hear very good things about. Maybe I will even do a review once she uses it a bit more! Good day to all! Wish me luck on the diet....a few more days and I'll probably need it!


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